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A salad bowl is a serving dish in the shape of a bowl that is used to serve salads, particularly tossed salads.

Any of the typical tableware materials, including ceramics, metal, plastic, glass, or wood, may be used to create salad bowls. Salad bowls can range from being absolutely flat to being extremely tall.

A salad bowl is a practical serving dish that is typically round and has shallow edges.

These bowls, which come in a variety of materials, are used to store a lot of salad while making it simple tossing ingredients without spilling them. Because of the bowl’s size, you can properly mix the salad to ensure that the dressing is evenly distributed throughout every bite.

They are also perfect for presentation and organisation and the dinner table.

From the 1940s until the 1960s, numerous cookbooks in the United States suggested using wooden salad bowls. George Rector, a restaurant owner and food critic, established this trend when he published a column named “Salad Daze” in 1936. He suggested using an unpainted wooden salad bowl in that column because it was allegedly a French custom. He advised never cleaning it, routinely oiling it, and rubbing garlic into it to give it a hint of garlic flavour.

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