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A serving spoon, sometimes known as a ladle or a large spoon, is used to portion out amounts of food. In order to prevent the spread of germs and saliva when sharing meals, serving spoons should be used both at home and when dining out.
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A serving spoon may typically be easily distinguished since it is significantly larger than a spoon used for dining. It includes a long handle to allow for serving different meal items, such as vegetables and chopped fruit.

Although historians are unable to pinpoint the precise moment the spoon was created, archaeologists have found evidence of spoons from Ancient Egypt that were made of wood, ivory, flint, and stone and decorated with hieroglyphics or religious symbols approximately 1000 B.C. Pharaohs or other gods were the only people who could own these objects.

Serving spoons can be found in a wide range of styles, dimensions, finishes, and materials. With modern and contemporary styles, a complete variation helps you find a serving spoon to match your style and house aesthetics.

Look out for new serving spoons coming soon to Artisan furniture.

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