Dropship and Wholesale Floor Tripod Lamps

Floor lamps can be used alone to illuminate a specific area of a room or in combination with other lights. They go well with many kinds of lighting, including table lamps and beautiful chandeliers.
We all enjoy decorating our homes or adding a statement piece to them. To give your decor the necessary final touch, though, add an eye-catching object. Both functional and decorative lighting can be achieved using a floor tripod lamp.

A tripod floor lamp features a unique base that is normally made up of three columns that work together to support the upright position of the lampshade and light. It’s a slightly altered variation of a typical single-column floor lamp design that can give your room a unique touch.
From a spacious living room to a tight corner, a floor lamp can be positioned in almost any room. Any room will appear brighter and have a lot of wonderful ambient light thanks to floor lamps.

While also bringing a modernising feel to your home it fits in perfectly and keep really tie everything together. Artisan furniture are producing these lamps to the highest quality with the best of materials and our excited to share them with our customers.

Look out for new floor tripod lamps coming soon to Artisan Furniture.

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