Mango Wood & the Oak-ish Finish

Oak-ish Finish

It is a very popular English finish for Mango wood. This is offered as a light natural finish which looks quite similar to Oak hence the reason it’s called oak-ish finish. This finish is normally offered in two versions; a smooth finish and a distressed finish. A few additional but optional features are also available mainly wooden grooves and wooden pegs.

How Oak-ish finish is achieved

Using a circular hand held sanding machine the surface is made smooth and dust free.  The next stage of the process is to apply stain to minimise the extreme colour variations from light to dark.  After this two coats of lacquer is applied and then once dried a layer of cealer is also applied, this makes the piece of product last longer and gives a natural sheen and body to the surface.

Mango Wood

Mango wood is one of the most popular wood types in the United Kingdom and is often viewed as a greener alternative to some other woods. Mango wood is derived from the Mango tree, which is a fruiting tree belonging to the genus, Mangifera. Although Mango wood is extremely popular, the tree is largely cultivated for its fruit and is native to South and Southeast Asia, with the highest concentration of Mango trees being found in India.

Mango wood is one of the hardiest woods in the world, with densely packed grains that are able to resist all kinds of knocks and prangs. Additionally, thanks to its close knit grain, when finished, the wood is one of the smoothest and most satisfying textures around.

Despite its fine grain, the good news is that the material is also excellent for staining and waxing making it a perfect material for furniture.

After Care

Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators. Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bee’s wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan.
This product complies with the eco friendly treatment as the pest control used on the timber is environmentally safe, this is called Biflex.

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