Mattress Shop with Wholesale Bedroom Supplies

Wholesale Mattress Shops

Mattress shops are usually brick and mortar retailers that have a large stock of mattresses and associated furnishings and furniture. This is usually bedroom furniture, because it operates in the same niche as mattresses. A mattress shop could even be a wholesaler or an online dropship supplier that offers worldwide delivery. Some even offer free delivery to their region and this helps independent retailers and small e-commerce companies set up and grow their business.

Bedroom furniture goes hand in hand with mattresses. The key elements are bedsides, beds, throws, poufs, chaises, love seats, bedroom chairs and even blanket chests. This is important to note because while a mattress shop may offer many different mattresses, they should have higher profit margins on their furniture, accessories and furnishings. This is where dropship suppliers come in — they can supply products for low prices without the need to worry about logistics. There’s the advantage of dropship suppliers handling storage, packaging and even shipping and thus leaving companies to concern themselves with marketing and product development instead.

One of the most important products in a mattress store, whether online or on the high street, is the bedside. Due to their small size and versatility in being used in the bedroom, living room, and even office spaces, bedsides have become very prominent in the catalogs of companies across the world. They variety of different sizes, colours and shapes. The most popular bedsides are often wood, made out of pine, mango or even acacia wood. There are of course a variety of finishes available — from the varnished simple wood finish, to the darkened oak tone and finally to the light walnut colour that is such a fast sellers in e-commerce. Stone and ceramic bedsides have also become increasingly popular because of their sturdy and rugged nature. It doesn’t crack easily and has a smooth polish to it. Bone inlay pieces are helpful for the same reason, but non-animal alternatives in the form of resin can be found in a variety of sustainable, ethically produced enterprises. Artisanal, handmade furniture can produce a plethora of product variations that are unique to the customer. Lastly, shined metallic bedsides especially aluminium, bronze and steel products, are the most long lasting of all and create a centrepiece for any household.

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