Mocha Faux Fur Curved Bench

Mocha Faux Fur Curved Bench

Trade Mocha Faux Fur Curved Bench wholesale or dropshipped by Artisan Furniture UK

co2 carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint:
Average CO2 for this product is 3.65kg

  • Solid mango wood

  • Mango wood & Mocha Fabric

  • Crafted By Hand

  • Oak-ish & Mocha

  • Knock Down

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  • Next Container Arrives: 25-03-2024

  • Next Container Arrives: 25-03-2024

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Hardware Specification

Small Screw 30mm

Long Screw 50mm


Legs (4 legs – set of 2)

Country of Origin India
EAN 8904350017058

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