Oak furniture wholesale

Oak wood Furniture are incredibly sturdy, powerful, and long-lasting. Oak has a noticeable grain, a pleasing light colour, and is resistant to fungus because of its robust structure and long life, which must prepare the tree for its lengthy lifespan. Although oak trees have a very long lifespan, they do have an expiration date. At URBANARA, we only use oak that has been responsibly acquired, frequently using wood from naturally fallen trees. We utilise oak for collections that call for long-lasting materials, such as kitchen accessories and chopping boards, as well as in our lighting collections to provide a beautiful natural element.

A form of hardwood known as oak wood comes from the northern hemisphere-native oak tree. There are over 600 deciduous and evergreen species of oak. The majority, or about 90 species, are located in North America. Even though oak trees have been utilised as a source of hardwood timber for thousands of years, it might take up to 150 years for an oak tree’s wood to be suitable for construction. Oak wood is still used today to make furniture, flooring, wine barrels, and firewood.

Oak trees and their branches can have a variety of colours. The variances and contrasts of this exquisite material shine when a natural finish or oil is applied, creating a wonderful natural feature without the need for elaborate adornment. Depending on the finish, oak wood has a firm and smooth feel to it.

Purchasing items in bulk at a reduced cost from a manufacturer and selling them to a retailer at a higher price for them to repackage and then sell to customers in smaller quantities at an even higher price is known as wholesaling. The wholesaler can give discounts to retailers since they buy goods in bulk from the producer at a lower cost. The price the merchant charges customers represents the whole cost of conducting business.

Manufacturers are not wholesalers. Distributing the finished goods is their line of work. They get products from producers in large quantities at a discount, which they then sell to retailers.

When retailers buy in bulk from wholesalers, wholesalers also offer cost reductions to retailers. The retailer then divides up the bulk purchases into smaller packages for direct customer sales.

The supply chain, which begins with a raw material supplier and concludes with a sale to an end user, includes a stage called wholesaling.

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