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Pine, or Pinus, is one of the most popular woods to make furniture out of, and for good reason. New Zealand Pine, the pine we at Artisan Furniture use to make our pine collections, is known to be both durable and easy to work with. These characteristics lend itself well to furniture making – creating sturdy furniture that can be carved and manipulates easily to create contemporary and classic designs alike. Look no further than our Pine Jali range — effortlessly elegant, with a hint of the rustic that pays homage to its homely roots.

Pine has the essential characteristic to be light in tone that offers an ideal palate to paint and finish it to various specifications. Lighter woods are effective in making finishes shine, without stealing the limelight themselves. As will be clear in our pinewood dropship and wholesale range, it can be finished in various shades of cream, yellow and white along with the usual darker shades. The wood is good at staining or painting alike, owing to the grain structure and light natural tone.

If you’re not one for bright finishes, pine is a naturally attractive wood to simply leave unfinished wipe down with a natural varnish. This allows the wood’s natural colour, tone and grain to shine through without being dented by finishes and paints. A natural varnish can even enhance its existing characteristics at little cost. The presence of knots in the wood is a key addition to its rustic nature, making it ideal to that type of furniture. Artisan Furniture utilises this effectively through our Pine Jali range – merging the rustic jali tradition of north western India with sleek, brass added designs.

Pine, being a common softwood, is not particularly expensive and is not an endangered species. Pinewood is harvested sustainably, and every tree we use for wood is replaced to prevent damage to the natural ecosystem. This environment friendly nature of the harvesting is one of the biggest advantages of pinewood as a furniture source.

The cost of pine, being a softwood, is a massive advantage to popular but expensive hardwoods such as oak. The cost does add up, and if the initial cost of the wood is inexpensive, it provides a massive head start to companies in making affordable, quality furniture.

To summarise, Pine is a cost effective softwood with environment friendly credentials that offers multiple options to finish and paint owing to its softwood, light toned nature. It makes it perfect for making furniture, and we at Artisan Furniture have done just that with our new Pinewood collection.

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