Artisan's Tree a Day Project

Tree planting certificate for environmental conservation in India.

At Artisan Furniture, we are excited to announce our latest environmental initiative: the Artisan    Tree-a-Day Project. Through this, we’re collaborating with an international charity to plant 366 trees in 2024, and ramping up every year

The challenge

For decades due to deforestation and mass urbanisation, vast areas in northwestern India have remained barren, significantly impacting local ecosystems and communities.

With the Artisan’s Tree-a-Day Project, we are stepping up to address this challenge. Our mission is to replenish these unwooded acres, supporting both the environment and the people who live there through sustainable employment and greener spaces.

The Impact

Reforestation has immense benefits:

  • Combatting Desert Encroachment: The Thar Desert’s expansion is a major concern in this region. By increasing forest cover, we can create a natural barrier against desertification.
  • Biodiversity: Trees provide vital habitats for numerous species, fostering biodiversity.
  • Climate Change: A tree can absorb upwards of 25 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year; they’re one of our key tools in combatting global warming in South Asia and beyond!
  • Sustainable Development: Not only are there long-term job opportunities for locals in forestry, but the advent of forests and green spaces brings much needed cottage industry to the region.

Our Commitment

Our initial target for 2024 is to plant 365 trees, with plans to increase this number each subsequent year. This effort is more than a symbolic gesture; it’s a sustainable, long-term commitment to environmental restoration and protection.

Join Us: Adopt a Tree

We invite our customers to be part of this green journey. When you purchase a product on Artisan furniture, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘adopt’ a tree for just £1 through our subsidies and collaborations with tree planting organisations in the region. This small contribution covers the cost of planting and maintaining a sapling for three years – less than the price of a coffee, but much more environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in making a difference.

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