Cryptocurrency as a payment choice

Cryptocurrency has long been heralded as the future of online payments, due to it’s secure nature. Affectionately called crypto by it’s many supporters across e-commerce, social media, business and commerce and indeed wholesale and dropship, cryptocurrency has become a key player in the world financial market. It’s not only a payment choice for the younger generations, it’s a beacon of individualism for a world that has been wracked by privacy concerns.

Cryptocurrency really comes to the fore in the realm of privacy. It is one of the only payment methods and cash analogues to be an effectively private means of payment. The user details of the payer and payee aren’t recorded and the cryptocurrency itself is routed through multiple nodes and servers so that the transaction is difficult to track over a period. This individual liberty gives consumers a chance to cover their e-commerce tracks and protect their shopping trends from e-commerce and data-based corporations into buying the data and influencing them in the future.

Of course, the private nature of cryptocurrency transactions means that they can conceal shady financial transactions by companies and consumers alike. This remains true for a degree of industries and sectors such as tech and engineering, furniture, jewellery and even high-end clothing. The regulatory framework around crypto transactions and their usage as a payment choice is very loose. This is the price to pay for a degree of privacy afforded to private corporations and consumers. The right to privacy is a key reason why crypto has become increasingly popular with customers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Artisan Furniture’s ethos has based themselves upon community and compassion, and this naturally leads to a sense of individual liberty within those communal values. Thus, cryptocurrency was a natural choice of payment for our customers who we hope to share those similar values and would appreciate the privacy oriented, individual liberty-based means of payment.

Cryptocurrency as a payment choice

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