New Wave Furniture – Granny’s bane. Our gain

What goes through your mind when see a conspicuous piece of furniture in a home, “Woah that’s beautiful”, “Where did they get that?” and “Mine is better” are quite likely. Especially the last one. Our self centred selves are really quite charming.

Anyway, the point is, there’s not much to gaze at about conventional furniture, unless it’s brilliantly made. And yet, we’re all for antiquated, positively ancient furniture. What we need is change. Sweet, delicious change with a side of smooth modernity. And ho ho ho, it’s finally coming. Who knew it’s Christmas already.

So, this wave of furniture revolution I’ve been rambling about. “What is it,” I hear the enlightened reader ask. Excellent question, I appear to reply. Essentially what we’re looking at is the 21st century amalgamated with traditional hand making arts of furniture, nurtured by brilliant artisans over decades of laser focus experience. In other words, technology in classic and contemporary, pieces.

To take an admittedly boring example, the humble chair. From the quite possibly rock chairs of the Flintstones, to Queen Vic’s exorbitant throne of colonial labour, to finally the somewhat less awe-inspiringness of Ikea’s “chairs”. How we have fallen. But I digress

What’s in a Chair

So what is literally in a chair. Besides your behind, not much of value. Wood, pointy nails, a cushion if you’re lucky. Well that’s changing. To paraphrase Game of Thrones, change is coming. Hey, I did say paraphrase. Don’t be surprised to find new and oh-so-smug websites- and it’s almost always websites- offer newfangled thingamabobs with USB equipped chairs, smart cushions and all manner of gadgets that would make Granny Gertrude have a coronary. But it’s not a millennial fad that’ll go away, like Frappalapaccinos. This is here to stay. But Frapalapas didn’t go away (unfortunately), and the new wave of furniture has much more, ahem, appeal.

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We now have USB linked chairs, smart tables with sensors so the salt and pepper will never run out (Why hadn’t this been thought of earlier? This is genius) and a whole plethora of the tech version of Smarties – some like the blue, some like the yellow, but none hate them all. Unless you do. In which case, there’s no hope left for humanity.

Change is Coming: The Hot Kind

A worldwide Willy Wonka’s factory – for furniture instead of confectionary, sadly – is in the works. There’s no telling what’s coming. And it’s exciting. And thrilling. And every mind boggling fancypants objective you can think of ;this is the kind of stuff that really gets the furniture connoisseur juices flowing. This is quite possibly the most important change that’s happened in this painfully stubborn industry in years. And we need to be ready.

Thankfully for our noticeably uninnovative selves, there are these wonderful companies willing to do the heavy lifting so we enjoy the fruits of their hard labour and hours of research and dozens of minds blown in a supernova of formulas and equations. Succinct. Artisan furniture is working hard by blowing said minds to bring us Furnitech 1.0. They need a hug. Everyone give them a virtual hug on instagram please.

To wrap everything up in a neat little package of holiday Christmasy goodness, the new wave of furniture – the smart kind – is on it’s way. And it will be glorious.

Furnitech, I choose you. For my house, that is.

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New Wave Furniture – Granny’s bane. Our gain

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