Cotton Velvet and the Shades of Autumn

Upholstered Cotton Velvet Furniture – The waning year brings along with it deeper, more sombre colours. The darker hues of autumn not only reflect the shorter, colder days but also the changing landscape all around us. Gone are the vibrant greens of July, and here come the placid yellows, reds and oranges that surround us with all the passion of a warm pumpkin pie.

The colours we surround ourselves with have always reflected the world around us, and as it becomes earnest, contemplative and restrained, so do our clothes and homes. Artisan Furniture’s cotton velvet collection provides the right combination of warmth and subtlety to allow you to embrace the new season, all while looking absolutely delightful.

Everyone can use a supple, soft surface in the home – especially as the temperature starts to cool. With our new range of cotton velvets, you have the opportunity to invite the season in. Play with the autumnal hues to create a perfect space for living and working, with none of the messy leaves. Nature is a wonderful thing, the colours of nature in your home are certain to be nothing less.

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