Handmade solid furniture click & collect and drop ship service

Global Vision Direct Limited T/A Artisan Furniture have added another user friendly service to its existing offerings.

We now offer the below services for Handmade solid furniture products being shipped out from our own factory in Jaipur, India

  • 40ft container load shipments
  • 20ft container load shipments
  • Less than container load shipments
  • Click and collect shipments
  • Drop ship shipments

While the top three offerings are managed directly at the factory prices from our unit in Jaipur, India; the last two facilities are offered from our storage unit based in Ipswich, England.

Further we do offer bespoke product service, both within the containerized shipments as well as click & collect and drop ship service.

If you wish to know more about our product offerings and services; please visit us by clicking one of the below links depending on the geographic location of your business:

USA and worldwide wholesale orders:

UK wholesale orders:

EU (excluding UK) wholesale orders:

UK drop ship services 

USA drop ship services*

EU drop ship services**

*USA drop ship service will commence from mid October 2017. Our storage unit is based at New Jersey and we aim to cover the whole of USA as well as Canada.

Handmade solid furniture click & collect and drop ship service

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