Introducing Wholesale Mango Furniture

Compared to mahogany or oak furniture, mango furniture is very rare. However, this should not make you believe that mango furniture is inferior to its more popular hardwood furniture cousins.

How Do You Make Mango Furniture From Fruit?

One of the questions people often ask is: “Mangoes are fruit, how can you make furniture out of fruit?” The answer is straight and simple: “We don’t!

Mango wood is the wood from a similar cultivar of the mango tree as the fruit is harvested from. However, instead of harvesting the fruit, the mango trees are grown only for their high-quality furniture making properties.

In fact, nearly every tree produces fruit. It is only that we don’t eat acorns from the oak tree or the samara from the mahogany tree.

Mango Furniture is High-Quality Furniture

Mango furniture is not as inferior as furniture made from pine. It is a hardwood just like oak and sturdy and hardwearing. Therefore, you rest assured that buying our mango furniture will be buying same high quality as if you were buying oak furniture.

In fact, you will be amazed by the fact that mango furniture is not that popular yet mango wood has natural beautiful grain patterns and colors.

The Many Finishes of Mango Furniture

When unstained and finished only in clear beeswax, this variegated wood, is on the whole slightly darker than oak with a more pronounced grain but also takes stain extremely well. At Artisan Furniture we also make dark stained mango furniture and teak oiled mango furniture each giving its own individual exotic charm.

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While unstained mango furniture is a great alternative to oak furniture, dark mango furniture can bring a striking contrast to a white room or one with a lot of natural light. The warm glow of teak oiled mango furniture will immediately make a room cozier. This is what makes it ideal bedroom furniture.

The Charm of Rustic Mango Furniture

We also apply a rustic finish to our mango furniture. This can involve various forms of distressing meant to give a “lived in” look.

This can make it the best option for making a room look homely or when adding a new piece to a room that already has older or antique furniture. A room filled with high gloss lacquered furniture may easily look like a furniture showroom rather than a place you want to relax!

At Artisan Furniture we make several ranges of mango furniture in various styles and finishes suitable for any home. Each mango furniture range includes dining room furniture, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture. I hope this article has helped you know the truth about mango furniture. Why don’t you order mango furniture today?

Introducing Wholesale Mango Furniture

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