Sustainable Supply Chains Roundtable at the House of Lords

18th October, 2023

Artisan Furniture proudly hosted its inaugural sustainability roundtable at the House of Lords this past October. This landmark event was organised in tandem with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for India (Trade and Investment) and the 1928 Institute— a renowned think tank associated with Oxford University. This was the first ever sustainable supply chains event held in Parliament.

Discussions & Highlights:

The roundtable centred around these critical themes:

  • UK-India Sustainable Supply Chains: Participants delved deep into the nuances of establishing robust, sustainable supply chains between the UK and India. They highlighted the potential for enhancing trade relations while ensuring ecological responsibility.
  • Challenges & Opportunities: Discussions illuminated the challenges faced in the current supply chain framework and brainstormed innovative solutions to address them, exploring avenues like technology integration, policy adjustments, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Support for Small Businesses: Conversations underscored the importance of incorporating small businesses into these sustainable supply chains, ensuring they too reap the benefits of enhanced UK-India trade relationships.
  • Community Development: Emphasis was placed on ensuring that sustainability initiatives also encompass community welfare, particularly in regions integral to the supply chain.
  • Innovation in Green Financing: Experts discussed the latest advancements in financial instruments supporting sustainable supply chains, and the potential benefits and challenges these tools bring to the UK-India trade relationship

Purpose Achieved: Beyond fostering dialogue, the roundtable facilitated vital networking opportunities, shared insights, and initiated the foundation for future collaborations. The strengthening of the UK-India trade relationship, with a focus on sustainable supply chains, emerged as a core theme.

Participation: The event was graced by a diverse ensemble of industry leaders, academic scholars, parliamentarians, and Peers spanning multiple sectors. A special commendation to our guests in academia and ESG that flew in from California to attend this roundtable.

Long-Term Vision: Artisan Furniture, bolstered by the success of this roundtable, is poised to champion the cause of sustainable supply chains, especially in the UK-India corridor. We’re geared to drive forward with periodic roundtables, insightful studies, and sector-specific events, all aimed at enhancing the sustainability of global trade networks.

About Artisan Furniture: B Corp certified Artisan Furniture exemplifies commitment to social responsibility. We act as a bridge, connecting underprivileged artisans from northwest India to the global stage. Our journey, spotlighted by platforms like Forbes and strengthened by mentorships from entities like Goldman Sachs & Oxford University, continues to inspire. Delve deeper into our ethos and initiatives here.

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