Chest of Drawers

There are many different types of wooden furniture that can be bought in bulk and sold for a profit.
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Some of the more popular options include chests of drawers, chairs, and tables. These are all very common pieces of furniture that are used in most homes and businesses around the world, so there is a high demand for them as well. If you are looking to buy wholesale furniture in bulk, then this is a great place to start your search.

Wooden furniture, also known as wooden furnishings, is a type of furniture made from wood. It is an ancient craft that has been practiced for thousands of years and continues to be produced today. The earliest surviving examples of wooden furniture are from Egypt, where wood was used in the construction of tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, chests and boxes.

The use of wood for furniture continued throughout Europe until at least the 11th century AD. In England it was replaced by other materials such as metals; however it was still common in Scandinavia until the 18th century. Today most wooden furniture is made of hardwoods like oak and mahogany. Softwoods are also used but often only as veneers or decorative elements on hardwood furniture. Although most modern wooden furniture is manufactured rather than handcrafted; traditional craftsmen still exist who make wooden pieces with traditional methods including marquetry and joinery.

  • Curved Oak-ish Chest
    Curved Oak-ish Chest
  • Nordic Style Chest with 8 Drawers
    Oak-ish Solid Wood 8 Drawer Chest
  • Tile Carved Chestnut Chest
    Tile Carved Chestnut Chest
  • Manila Gold Chest
    Manila Gold Chest
  • Dice Chest
    Dice Chest
  • Manila Copper Chest
    Manila Copper Chest
  • in1832 1
    Chestnut Solid Wood 8 Drawer Chest
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