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Homeware Accessories & Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers – In recent years there has been a shift from furniture only being available from high street or out of town stores, to an increase in transactions being carried out online. In this way the furnishings market is no different to the majority of markets.

As people have become savvier about searching online, so retailers have had to reconsider their business model so that they can continue to thrive.

There has also been an influx of online only stores competing for their slice of the pie.

Some of the largest retailers have set up their own supply chain to enable them to purchase direct from the manufacturers. However, this does involve a great deal of cost to set up, manage and hold stock.

Therefore, even the larger retailers, along with smaller operations, will use trade only wholesale suppliers for their stock offering. This has also morphed into wholesale home accessories as retailers put the onus onto wholesale interiors companies to manage the supply of their products.

Trade only wholesalers will either run their own factories, or have the right contacts in, mainly, overseas factories that enable them to consolidate deliveries to a central storage unit within the UK from which they can then distribute products either to the retailers or, by using a drop shipping process, direct to the retailer’s customer.

There are several advantages to using home decor wholesalers:

  • The wholesale home decor company takes on the burden of paying for the goods meaning the retailer’s exposure is limited.
  • Tastes and trends can change rapidly. Using wholesale home accessories suppliers means that the retailers are not stuck with stock that people no longer want.
  • Home ware suppliers also have the clout and wide range of contacts to buy in bulk, so reducing the cost of each product and, therefore, either increasing the margin available or enabling the retailer to compete with lower pricing from their competitors.
  • The staff of the Artisan also have the time to visit various worldwide trade shows and spot the trends that are just starting so that their customers can take advantage at the soonest opportunity.

ArtisanFurniture is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of home accessories. Their story started out by supplying cushions and small accessories into the UK marketplace from their operation based in Jaipur, India.

Very rapidly the owners of the business realised that there were a multitude of small, family-based, artisanfurniture makers in the Jaipur area that had the skills needed to produce top quality, hand-made furnishings. All these small businesses needed was an outlet for their wares. ArtisanFurniture stepped in, took the plunge, and started to design and market products that they felt would fit into homes.

The products offered have undergone many changes as trends have come and gone. Some products have survived for many years as the style of these items is timeless and will always be in demand. Other products have fallen by the wayside as they fall out of favour. What hasn’t changed is the dedication to producing the highest possible quality in whatever design is produced.

As a happy coincidence, right from the start, the wood used in the manufacture of these items has come from sustainably sourced mango. The trees are planted and produce tasty and juicy mangoes for many years. At the end of their fruit-bearing life cycle they are chopped down and replaced by young saplings. However, this wood is not discarded, it is then turned into lovely and tactile merchandise.

This means that not only is the wood very environmentally friendly, but that the artisanfurniture makers now have a future where they can bring in a good living, support their family and, at the same time, can hold their heads high.

Supplier and distributor of wholesale home accessories

The ArtisanFurniture offices are based in Westminster, London. The operation is lean but has big plans for the future. All the while, however, we do not forget that our success is built on the skills and endeavours of our colleagues in India.

Wholesale Interior Gifts for the House and Home

If you are looking for a wide range of interior decor gifts for the home, then look no further than the online UK supplier ArtisanFurniture. They stock a huge range of products including clocks, doorstops, cushions and photo frames, all at wholesale prices.

Home Accessories and Interior Decor

Artisan is the perfect place to buy gifts for the home as they offer a wide range of home accessories and interior decor items at wholesale prices. Their range includes clocks, doorstops, cushions, photo frames and much more. So if you are looking for a unique gift for someone special, or just want to update your own home decor, then Artisan is the perfect place to shop.

Get premium quality wholesale home accessories UK

If you are looking for the best quality wholesale home accessories in the UK, then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of giftware and clock products that are perfect for your business or home decoration needs. Our products are sourced from the best suppliers and we offer competitive prices that will help you save money on your inventory. We also offer a wide range of mirror, kitchenware, tableware, candles, and other home decor items that are perfect for resale or as gifts.

Discover some of our home decor categories:

We have a wide range of home decor products that will suit any taste. From cushion covers and wholesale candles to furnishings and home accessories, we have something for everyone. Retailers and gift shops will love our selection of farmhouse-inspired items, while home ware stores and globe retailers will appreciate our wide range of beach-themed products.

Where to buy wholesale for resale

If you’re looking for bulk home decor for resale, there are a few great places to discover suppliers. One option is to search online in a marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba or Global Sources. You can also find wholesale retailers in your local area that sell home decor, ornaments and accessories. Prices will vary depending on the type of product and the supplier, so it’s important to compare retail sales prices before making a purchase. Another great option for finding home decor is to search for brands that sell home ware, like Roux or Farmhouse. These brands often sell candles, throw pillows, shabby chic home gifts towels, and other home accessories at wholesale prices. Providers of floral arrangements, floral foam floristry merchandise are good prospects to sell your homeware gifts.

home decor items wholesale price

If you’re looking for home decor items at wholesale prices, you’ll want to discover the best retailers and suppliers in your category. For example, if you’re looking for farmhouse products and home accessories, you may want to check out Resale Marketplaces like Roux. Here you can find brands like Magnolia Home, Joanna Gaines, and more at discounted prices. You can also find great deals on home decor items like candles, pillows, towels, and globes.

quality wholesale home accessories?

If you’re looking for quality wholesale home accessories, you’ve come to the right place. At Artisan, we carry a wide variety of home decor items, from cushions and pillows to candles and globes. We’re a one-stop shop for all your home accessory needs, and we’re proud to offer some of the best prices in the industry. Our inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often to see what new items we have in stock. Sign up and create a trade account with Artisan a leading uk supplier and distributor of wholesale home accessories and wholesale home decor. We offer a wide range of wholesale homeware and interior products and provide free quick dispatch deliveries.

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