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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help? Our most frequently asked questions are available to support you. If you still need any clarifications feel free to email us at mail@artisanfurniture.net


Do you supply to the public?

We do not supply to the public, only to trade customers.

What is a drop ship?

In simple words, we provide furniture delivered directly from the manufacturing factory to the wholesaler, retailer or end customer (on your behalf).

Do you have a minimum order quantity or value?

We do not have a minimum order quantity or value.

How do I create a trading account?

You can create a trading account by visiting our website www.artisanfurniture.net & by using step by step guide (download it here).

Do you have a showroom or can we physically see the products?

No, we do not have a showroom and the best way to view our products is to visit our website.

Do you offer a Product catalogue?

No we do not offer any hard copy product catalogues. You can view all the products online at www.artisanfurniture.net and after creating a trade account download the same for your marketing & website uploads.

Can I access all the product pictures & product information for my website?

After signing up to a trade account you can download product pictures & product information. Please refer to the step by step guidelines by clicking here.

Do you have a contact number?

The best way is to email us and we will revert back within 24 hours. If the same cannot be resolved through the email our sales team can guide you through the calling process.

What happens when a product shows ‘out of stock’?

Normally out of stock orders are replenished back within 1 to 8 weeks. To avoid any disappointment you may place back order thereby reserving the product.

What are your product care instructions?

Timber:Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators. Also, occasionally polish the non-painted furniture parts with bees wax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan.

Fabric: To remove everyday household dust and dirt, clean by gently vacuuming fabric with an upholstery brush.Periodic cleaning of the entire product is required to maintain appearance and reduce premature wear and fading.

Do not rub, Soak the fabric or allow stain to dry.Do not use proprietary cleaner or any other household cleaners. Contact professional upholstery cleaner.

Are your products made in the UK?

Our products are meant for the British market both in terms of design as well as utility. However the products are made in overseas factories.

What are the payment methods?

Payment needs to be organized at the time of order booking. Payment is made during the checkout by credit or debit card only. You don’t need to pay any credit or debit card processing fee.

Do you charge any card processing fee?

We do not charge any card processing fee.

Are the products handmade?

100% of our products are hand-crafted individually. Further, most of our products are hand-made from solid wood hence variation in size, colour, finish, fabric (for upholstered goods), texture, natural grain pattern, knots, movement of timber etc are an integral part of the way products are naturally made & promoted. We strongly recommend you to ensure that you have made yourself fully aware about the nature of our offered hand-made solid wood products to avoid any disenchantment at a later stage. We regret, will NOT treat any of the above variations as defect, as these are natural occurrences.

Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

No, the product prices reflected on the website are ex VAT. At the time of check out; VAT will be applied on the invoice.

Product & Services

How much are the delivery charges?

Delivery is FREE however there is a surcharge applicable on a few postcodes. You can view our delivery surcharge info here.

Are the products fully assembled?

Most of the products are fully assembled. All exceptions are mentioned on the product description. Soft assembling of the knock down furniture products may be assisted by the courier company.

Can I make changes or customise the products?

We are happy to consider bespoke products.

However, please note our standard terms for the bespoke products –

  • Delivery timeline is 6 weeks onwards and entirely depends on the complexity of the order.
  • Price on Request and this might marginally vary once the final product is ready (+/- 5%).
  • All product specifications must be clearly shared with our design team.
  • We do not accept cancellation, refund, altercation or replacement of bespoke products at any cost.
  • All bespoke orders must be secured by a non refundable 50% deposit.
  • We will share pictures prior to delivery. Once approved by you, we will ship the product.
  • Full balance needs to be paid before delivery is executed.

Is there a minimum sales price for your products?

There is no minimum sales price for our products.

Do you have a recommended retail price?

We do not have any minimum selling price however depending on the volume & margin trade-off; typically retailers mark up our prices between 70-200%. As we are directly sourcing from the factories; thereby eliminating the margin layer of the conventional wholesalers – this leaves more margin on the table for the end retailer.

Can you supply spare parts if there is an issue with an item?

Yes, we are able to supply spare parts in case you face any problem with the product.

Can we request wooden or fabric swatches as a trade account holder?

After signing up for a trade account, you can ask for both wooden or fabric swatches.

What courier companies do you use?

We use Panther and UK Mail depending on the size & weight of the product(s).

What is the delivery lead time?

We aim to get the standard orders delivered within 3business days.

Can I collect my order from the storage unit?

No, you cannot collect your order from the storage unit as it is not set up for collections.It will only be delivered by our designated courier.

Do you ship products to Europe / outside the UK?

Currently this service is only available for UK based companies and for deliveries within the UK. We are aiming to start EU operations from early 2018.

Do you get a tracking number to track my order?

Yes, once the order is shipped you will get a notification with the tracking number.

Can I cancel my confirmed order?

Once the order is processed, paid and shipped; you cannot cancel the order.

Do you provide stock feed & how often is it refreshed.

Once you sign up for the trade account you can access the stock feed & we aim to get it refreshed several times per day.

How do you construct your upholstered furniture?

Most of our upholstered products are constructed from 100% solid wood structure and we use weave, foam and filler for hand crafted upholstery.


Is it ‘sale or return’ for your products?

We do not offer sale or return for our products.

Why is Artisan Furniture not bound by the 14 days cooling off legal period?

We are a trade only website. We are NOT dealing with the end user. The contract is between two business entities and 14 days cooling off period is not applicable between businesses. It is only applicable for companies which are directly selling their products to the end user (public).

What is your return or refund policy?

Please refer to our returns policy on our website by clicking here. You may also refer to our full terms & conditions by clicking here.

If faulty, will you exchange the item with the customer?

Subject to our returns policy and standard trading conditions - yes - we are able to exchange a faulty item with your company.

Do you offer product or geo location exclusivity?

As an internet company normally we do not offer product or geo location exclusivity; however, under special circumstances we are happy to consider the same for a reciprocation gesture of a committed business volume.

Are the goods insured?

Please refer to the terms & conditions on our website by clicking here.

Why should I pay upfront for my order?

All the products are made in overseas factories & we have already invested efforts, time & money in terms of product research development,production cost, shipping cost & storage costs. Hence, we need to be paid upfront for the orders placed(exception applies for bespoke orders & back orders).

Can I upload Artisan Furniture product descriptions?

No, as the product descriptions & romance copies are exclusive to us. You are only authorised to upload the downloadable content from your trading account dashboard.

Is the timber used legally complaint?

Yes, 100% of the timber used is complaint as per European Union Timber Regular Certification (EUTR) for responsible forestry.

Is the fabric & filling used legally complaint?

Yes, entire upholstered furniture is complaint with the upholstery is United Kingdom Fire Resistant (UKFR), offering the BS 5852 standards. UKFR methods of testing for assessment of the ignitability of upholstered products by smoldering and flaming ignition sources.

Are the products (wherever applicable) complaint with the British Standards for Structural Integrity?

Yes, all our products (wherever applicable) are complaint with the BS EN. Structural compliances: BS EN 14749: 2016 which states that in order to prevent overturning the product must be used with wall attachment device provided.

Are the products (wherever applicable) complaint with Environmental Compliances?

All products comply with the eco friendly treatment as the pest control used on the timber is environmentally safe, this is called Biflex.

Are the products (wherever applicable) complaint with Packaging Compliances?

All products comply with the UK's Waste Packaging Regulations. Please refer to the product page under the description tab for more information.

If you have any more questions or concerns; please email us at mail@artisanfurniture.net and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.