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Incenses sticks and holders:
An incense stick is a stick that has been covered in incense and burns slowly, emitting a pleasant aroma.
In addition to being utilised for religious and spiritual reasons, incense is also used for health and other purposes. When using incense, it can really relax and create a positive environment. It is important to not over use as the smoke will be inhaled.

Incense sticks can improve concentration and calmness, lessen anxiety and stress, and stimulate creativity. Additionally, it promotes relaxation, air purification, and the simple enjoyment of a pleasant aroma.

Numerous research has established incense sticks’ antimicrobial properties. They have a reputation for reducing the number of bacteria in the air, disinfecting while also purifying it and maintaining the same levels of purity for 24 hours.

A band of travelling Buddhist monks brought the art of producing incense sticks to China in the year 200 CE. Depending on the ingredients, some incense may also serve as a natural bug repellent. More than 6000 years ago, incense first appeared on earth. It coincides with the emergence of Mesopotamia’s and Egypt’s first significant civilizations. Since its inception, incense has been regarded as one of the oldest scented substances utilised by mankind.

Look out for new incense sticks and holders coming soon to Artisan Furniture.

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