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Special incense cones are utilised with the Incense Waterfall, often referred to as a Backflow Burner, which is a ceramic holder. The smoke from these cones sinks to the bottom of the burner after being lit. It appears to be a mountain with a waterfall flowing down it.
Smoke from the fire travels into the hollow middle tunnel, where it cools as it moves along the channel. Smoke glides softly downhill when it leaves the incense at the bottom because as it cools, it gets heavier and flows more slowly.
Backflow burners for incense can be particularly helpful for calming your senses on anxious, panicky days. Its calming scent is a fantastic mood stabiliser and aids in reducing weariness after a long and busy day at work. With its revitalising scent, you may also create a spa-like atmosphere at home.
The backflow incense burner is made of ceramic and was handcrafted in the old-world manner by expert artisans. Back-flow incense cones will perform like conventional incense cones when used with a standard incense burner.
Look out for new Backflow incense burners coming soon to Artisan furniture.

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