Dropship and Wholesale Scented Candles & Wax Melts

Scented candles are available for both dropship and wholesale in the e-commerce store of Artisan Furniture. Often imported from China or India in artisan candle-making hamlets and factories, scented candles are increasingly popular in living and working spaces around the globe. Due to the streamlined supply chain methods and logistics of wholesale and dropship, scented candles and wax melts are available for free shipping in the British mainland. They offer a sustainable, handmade alternative to machine made waxes and synthetic scents.

The natural odours and scents that are infused in these artisanal candles and wax melts are what makes them so popular with customers. Essential oils in plants such as lavender, rose, aloe vera and even lemongrass are infused with the hot wax to create a long lasting, strong scent. It can waft through several rooms and spaces without dissipating and thus gives the consumer more value for their money. Artisanal brick and mortar establishments as well as online retailers stock large varieties of those scented candles and wax melts for different consumer tastes. This is possible due to the free shipping of the dropship model and its logistical advantages in shipping, packaging and storage.

Fragrances such as vanilla, honey, butter cream, mahogany, lemon and orange, and even exotic ones like amber and gardenia have long been popular in most sectors of the homeware market. These scents can even be mixed and matched to provide an integrated experience and thus enhance the aesthetics of a home, office or any public space.

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