Introducing the Serenity Coffee Table: The Epitome of Understated Glamour

Step into an oasis of style and grace with the Serenity Coffee Table, a transcendent addition to your living room that redefines the center of your space with its understated glamour and unique charm. Perfectly poised to elevate your everyday living, this coffee table combines the timeless beauty of terrazzo with a modern silhouette, making it an ideal centrepiece for both intimate family gatherings and grand social affairs.

Imagine the Serenity Coffee Table taking pride of place in your living area, its small mosaic pieces shimmering subtly as they catch the light—a mosaic of beauty poised on a strong pedestal. This table’s large base promises stability and poise, ensuring that your moments of relaxation or entertainment are uninterrupted by the trivialities of everyday life. The table’s smooth, clean design invites touch and serves as an exquisite platform for your favourite candle, striking ornament, or cherished photo frame, embellishing your room with simple, yet glamorous elegance.

In the realm of interior design, the coffee table is not merely a piece of furniture; it’s the heart of the living room—the anchor that ties together your sofa, chairs, and overall decor. The Serenity Coffee Table stands out as a masterpiece of design and aesthetics, offering more than just a surface area. Its construction speaks volumes about the dedication to quality and beauty. With each terrazzo piece carefully set, the table boasts a tactile and visual texture that is both delightful to touch and behold.

This coffee table’s terrazzo composition elevates it beyond the ordinary. Historically treasured for its durability and speckled allure, terrazzo is a material composed of chips of marble, quartz, granite, or glass, poured with a cementitious binder. Once set, it is ground and polished to a smooth surface, showcasing a constellation of color and detail that ensures no two tables are ever exactly alike.

The Serenity’s strong pedestal acts as the foundation of this majestic piece, a column of strength that bears the weight of the table top gracefully. Its robust construction guarantees a stable base, allowing you to rest assured that this piece won’t just be a fleeting trend, but a long-lasting companion to your home’s narrative.

Its large base further contributes to the table’s unwavering steadiness, ensuring that it remains a reliable centerpiece even when adorned with your most precious decorative items or when serving as a repository for books, gadgets, and those inevitable cups of coffee.

The elegance of the Serenity Coffee Table extends beyond its physical attributes. The design is so versatile that it can effortlessly adapt to various interior themes, from the minimalism of Scandinavian-inspired spaces to the richness of a mid-century modern palette. Whether you choose to dress it up or down, this table will always carry an air of sophistication and grace.

Track through the seasons, each lending a different context to the Serenity Coffee Table. Envision blooming vases in spring, a stack of beach reads in summer, an array of candles in autumn, and a festive display come winter. The table’s surface is akin to a blank canvas, ready for you to define the ambiance of your space.

When it comes to care, the Serenity Coffee Table is as practical as it is stylish. Terrazzo is known for its ease of maintenance. Simply dusting with a soft cloth and cleaning spills immediately with a damp cloth will maintain the stunning appearance of the terrazzo surface. Avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals to keep the polished finish gleaming.

Alongside its stunning design and functionality, the Serenity Coffee Table comes with the assurance of quality. Safeguarded by a comprehensive warranty, this piece is not just an investment in your home’s aesthetic, but also in peace of mind. Should any issues arise, rest easy knowing that the integrity of your coffee table is held to the highest standards.

Handmade Furniture:

Manifesting the splendor of expert artistic skill, the Serenity Coffee Table is a tapestry of small, hand-laid terrazzo pieces. These individual fragments mirror the handcrafted traditions passed down through generations. While the template for the table might be consistent, the unique aspects of each terrazzo chip ensure that your coffee table is as individual as your home’s story. This commitment to preserving artisanal techniques enhances the allure of the Serenity Coffee Table—a testament to the human touch within its construction.

Sustainable Furniture:

Prominent within the ethos of modern furniture design is the emphasis on sustainability, and the Serenity Coffee Table aligns harmoniously with these values. Using materials sourced with intention and respect for natural cycles, this table’s terrazzo surface does more than dazzle the eye—it speaks of the commitment to eco-friendly practices. By bringing this table into your home, you become an advocate for a sustainable future, championing pieces that not only look good but do good too.

B-Corp Certified:

Exemplifying the nexus of quality manufacturing and ethical responsibility, the Serenity Coffee Table emerges from a B-Corp certified facility. Such certification is a beacon, signaling a company’s pledge to not just profit, but to the planet and its people. As a B-Corp certified product, the Serenity Coffee Table represents a piece of furniture with a conscience, allowing you to imbue your living space with beauty, functionality, and principle. The commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030, in line with Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi), only underscores the forward-thinking practices behind this table’s creation.

Add a layer of luxury and a touch of the extraordinary to your home with the Serenity Coffee Table—a conversation-starter, a statement of artistry, and an embodiment of responsible, enduring design. To know more click here.

Serenity Coffee Table Wholesale

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co2 carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint:
Average CO2 for this product is Average CO2 for this product is 3.65kgkg

  • Solid mango wood

  • Mango wood

  • Crafted By Hand

  • White Mosaic Pattern

  • Fully Assembled

  • Secure Packaging

  • Parcel Delivery

  • FREE Shipping - UK mainland only

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Hardware Specification

Small Screw 30mm

Long Screw 50mm


Legs (4 legs – set of 2)

Country of Origin India
EAN 8904350015917

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