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artisan furniture


 The brilliance of old-timey English county furniture with the feel-good of modern comfort, it’s hard to ask more of the quintessential Chesterfield armchair. So all you need is a wandering imagination and a dollop of time to recoup at the end of another day. British design at it’s opulent best.

artisan wholesale furniture

Hallway Bench

 Hallways are inherently boring; a grudgingly made heartless tunnel with no apparent reason other than to form the begrudging waylines of an otherwise brilliant home. Hence, the cornerstone of the contemporary hallway, benches. Smooth curves effortless mingling with the formerly mundane angles to build a delightful mingling pot of brilliance. Take a moment to catch your breath, soak in the wayline-esque ambience and get ready for your own odyssey .



artisan furniture

Writing Desk

Such an uninspiring word, desk. But it doesn’t have to conjure images of furiously tip-tapping and crowded worktops piled high with uninviting pieces of greasy paper. Meet the Desk, reinvented. Deliciously clean lines typical of modern bureaux coupled with the rarely seen delacroix-esque vibes of queer county mansions with immaculate lawns and even more immaculate hosts. An inspired desk for an inspiring day at work, at last.



artisan wholesale furniture

Corner Wash Stand

 There are distinctly few things on that are meant so strongly for each other; tea and biscuits, pineapple and pizza (I jest) and the often overlooked yet Eden-esque paring of the corner and the corner table. The brilliantly dove-tailing of the smooth right angles of the humble corner with the delicious lines of succinctly made wood; to quote Ratatouille, parfait. The quintessential tabletop to stash keys, discount coupons and secrets. Simply brilliant.


artisan furniture


  Your altruistic refuge from the copious pressures of the British workday, the familiar yet all-too-often ostracised bed. No more; meet Bed 2.0 - the humble night refuge metaphormed into a veritable handiwork masterpiece, drawing on years of nigh-mystical experience and the impeccable engine that is British design. Your atoll in a sea of pressure, waves of stress and the metaphorical nibbly fish that roam its depths.

artisan wholesale furniture

Studded footstool


Ah the humble stool, overshadowed for far too long by copious armchairs and conspicuous sofas that dot our living room. But now transformed into the envied powerhouse room centrepiece, the resident eyeball-grabber, the consummate addition to a British home. A quick oases of rest in the ocean of disturbance, welcome to your very own Lorièn.

artisan furniture

Silver Cladding

A metal of a certain kind of exquisite beauty, frankly brilliant carving and shaping by altruistic hands shaped by years of experience and the indelible mark of Anglo-Oriental design. You’re resting your eyes on the culmination of the aforementioned schools of thought brought together by chance yet doubtless a match made in furniture heaven. Your refuge frozen in the stream of time; so grab a book, settle into your comfiest pyjamas and the armchair will do the rest.