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Data Syncing Charges

As an ethical business practice, we would like to inform you that you can continue to use the csv uploads to data sync the products for free, on your own website, however, if you wish to automate the process, you can avail one of the below-paid options. If you are interested in automated product syncing information such as, product name, dimensions, product buying cost etc. then you can purchase one of the below options to sync products, from Artisan Furniture to your own website.

If your website is built on a Magento platform, please opt for the Magento plugin. Please log into your customer account and view the video provided, and ensure that you have understood the process. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in a form to authorise your data syncing request. Payment must be provided before we authorise the request. Unfortunately, the Magento platform will not allow you to synchronise product images due to Magento’s restrictions. This is outside our control.


  • You may need a developer or a technical team to integrate any of the above options onto your website, we would unfortunately not be able to support you in this regard.
  • Please ensure you have the resources to integrate, before buying any of the options.
  • Once you have purchased one of the options, they cannot be refunded
  • No further information will be provided outside of the information we have already provided through video and guide resources. A decision needs to be made based on the available resources.
  • The product purchase cost will be synched through the system and you need to calculate your selling cost depending on the margins you wish to apply, as we are a B2B entity and we do not recommend any selling retail prices hence we can’t push or calculate your selling prices.
  • You need to keep an eye on your customer dashboard through the notification bell to monitor changes in prices, new product additions, etc. The system will only change the price when you re-synchronise the information during the cycle
  • If data did not sync due to a technical issue, we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. However, we will be unable to provide any compensation or extend the annual term. This is due to the fact that we are not profiting from the activity, as the annual fee barely covers our development and server costs.
  • Following the synchronisation, any subsequent SKU additions and product features will not be automatically updated (version 1.0)
  • Unfortunately, the Magento platform will not allow you to synchronise product images due to Magento’s restrictions. This is outside our control.

All of the above options can only be used to sync the data, between our website and your own website, for example,
The system would not consider multi-channel sales partners like Shopify, eBay, and Etsy as your own website, even if you have a store/shop on these platforms.

Magento API Plugin

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