The Artisan Academy

We are pleased to announce our new initiative, The Artisan Academy, to support our trade customers in comprehending the nitty gritty of dropshipping, our particular systems and procedures and understanding  how to maximise our vast online resources.

By the summer of this year, we aim to launch a comprehensive short book that’ll serve as your definitive guide to dropshipping. The first part will contain several short stories about anonymised Artisan customers and how they got their start. Drawn from experiences from across the world, it’ll show their very personal journey to dropship success through all the ups and downs that life entails.

The second part has 9 chapters, with each chapter comprehensively covering important facets of dropship from onboarding to returns management. It’s all the information you’ll need to set up your dropship business — all in one place.

The third part is a glossary of terms that you’ll encounter as you delve deeper into the world of dropship. From supply chain management to API integration and everything in between, you’ll know every single word and phase that you should in this area of business.

Whether you’re someone who’s trying to get into dropship, or an industry veteran that wants to enhance their skillset and knowledge, or indeed just someone curious who’s vaguely thinking of starting a dropship business in the future, this book has everything you need in one package — all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Back to the Artisan Academy, we aim to offer one to one virtual sessions as well as group sessions. These will cover various aspects of dropshipping, all tailored towards your personal skillset and goals. You’ll be able to test you knowledge through tests and worksheets online and work on the weaker bits with additional help from our team. Further, you’ll find material in our online library to help you learn and grow independently of the virtual sessions.

The Academy will also organise virtual trade fairs wherein you’ll be able to virtually visit our booth and see all our products as well as interact with the staff. Based in a luxurious location and powered by Augmented and Virtual Reality, the trade fair is a sublime experience that aims to replicate the excitement of an offline trade fair. On completion of the fair you’ll get a discount coupon to use on our website! More details to follow.

Our overriding aim with the Academy is to enhance the skillset and knowledge of our dropship partners so they grow and flourish on their path to success, and by extension, help us grow as well.

Register your interest now to gain early access to our book, before its mainstream launch, as well as unlock all the online resources at the Academy before everyone else.

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