Furniture for resale online

Why Sell Furniture Online?

Furniture sales are a very important aspect of any country’s economy. They’re even more important if you own your own business and sell your products online. You can easily distinguish yourself by providing environmentally friendly furniture or vintage furniture.

Online shopping is a huge market. It is now the single biggest market in the world. This makes it very tempting to try to target every possible niche or location with your e-commerce furniture site, but it is often a big mistake to do so. You can sell to people around the world, but you can only reach so many.

The home furnishings industry in the United Kingdom is set to increase by 10.3% in the next five years. This represents an opportunity for UK companies to grow their brands and generate a steady flow of revenues.

Why Drop ship Household Furniture Online?

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, but not every piece will be suitable for shipping. If you were thinking about wholesale furniture suppliers, then finding a UK drop shipping furniture supplier online will allow you to offer a lot more choice to your customers than with wholesale. By selling direct, you can only show a certain range of products at any one time and cannot give customers the choice that they might get with a store that specializes in a certain type of furniture.

You might find that a particular furniture category does really well and focus on that in the long run. That takes a lot of time and resources. Wholesaling unsold inventory is never an issue with drop shipping. Your seasonal products can also be sold more affordably without wholesaling.

Who Are the Main Distributors of Furniture?

A common misconception is that furniture is simply the set of items (beds, coffee tables, etc.) used to fill your house. Furniture is actually the entire package. You can sell anything from clothing, to mattresses, to electronics, to food to furniture, to name a few. When it comes to furniture, what you are selling is the whole set – the mattress, the bed, the couch, the dining table, and the kitchen appliances, to name a few. These are all part of the “furniture” sold on your website.

With Artisan Furniture, you can view product images, read customer reviews of the distributor, look at how many times an item has been imported and sold, and a lot more. This is the ideal way to choose the right furniture distributor for you as you can be sure that you can trust the distributor that you choose.

Who Are the Main Manufacturers of Furniture?

Furniture manufacturers are mainly focused on Asian countries, like China and Taiwan. However, customers of online furniture stores are mainly located in Western Europe and North America. This means that if you want to ship your product to the correct location then you need to make sure that shipping within a specific time frame is possible, and you are happy with the quality of the product.

Start slowly with your online furniture drop shipping business and sell a few things before scaling up. By starting small you will have the time to build a relationship with your furniture manufacturer and grow your business together.

Can I Use Artisan Furniture to Drop ship Household Furniture?

Yes. Artisan Furniture is a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell beautiful handmade furniture on-line.

What’s more, the artisans at Artisan Furniture offer a simple delivery option that can save you money and eliminate any headache. You can get your furniture in as fast as a week, and with only a few clicks of your mouse, you’re ready to go.

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