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Artisan Furniture has a fantastic selection of wholesale furniture. We have everything a good home requires, from bedsides to chest of drawers to media units and coffee tables. They are artistically pleasing and add style, warmth and comfort to any space. Sign in to your account to view our trade prices and place an order.

We offer free delivery within the UK mainland, and most items are delivered the next day. However, usual shipping times are up to three business days. We have a massive product variety that covers every room in the house, with over 1500 SKUs. We provide unrivalled service standards by utilising a London-based customer care crew and a technologically enabled 24 x 7 artificial intelligence-based Flo – our virtual assistant.

As a wholesale furniture provider, all of the products are handcrafted by skilled artisans to provide a handcrafted, solid wood furniture piece. We use a number of woods, including but not limited to Mango, Sheesham, Oak, Pine, and others, in a variety of finishes, including natural, walnut, chestnut, and cherry. Our operations are centred on sustainability. All of our goods are made from sustainably sourced wood, and we strictly adhere to responsible forestry certification when sourcing products.

We are one of the major wholesale furniture providers in the UK, and by far the largest importer of solid wood mango furniture into the UK, with over 20 years of expertise.

Furniture made of solid wood

To conserve the dignity of the tree, our furniture is built of solid wood. Each piece of furniture is distinct due to the grain of the wood. Because the wood is minimally processed, the creation of our furniture needs very little energy. Wood also has the advantage of being easily mended, allowing it to withstand the test of time. In most situations, sanding it down and applying a protective finish will restore it to like-new condition.

Furniture that does not need to be assembled

Because of the assembly procedures utilised in the creation of our wooden furniture, they are sent to you fully assembled and ready to use. Only the legs or handles may require your intervention to avoid damage during travel. This feature ensures the durability and thus the longevity of our furniture, as well as a stress-free experience when you receive it: once unpacked, your furniture is immediately ready to begin its new life.

Traditional wood crafting techniques

Our furniture is built utilising traditional cabinetmaking processes, which ensures its durability and longevity. Cabinetmakers and artisans have employed a range of assembling techniques in their woodworking for generations. Traditional construction entails shaping the wood parts to fit together correctly. This permits the wood to change and adapt to varying levels of humidity and heat in the room where it is positioned while preserving its toughness. Traditional assembly also makes furniture maintenance and recycling easier.

Designed to inspire you

Our furniture is envisioned and developed to be a long-term part of your life. A piece of furniture’s lifespan is determined by its strength and capacity to be repaired if necessary. We strive to make our furniture lasting friends that can be passed down from generation to generation by combining the attributes of solid wood with traditional assembly.

In essence, Artisan Furniture is one of the UK’s leading importers, Wholesaler, Drop shipper and distributors of wholesale furniture, home accessories, lighting, cushions and gifts offering free delivery, no minimum order restrictions on value or volume, no set up fees, no annual spend.

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