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UK Furniture Wholesalers Program

Qualifying Criteria & Limitations

Furniture Wholesalers USA

The USA operations are taken care by our branch office based in New Jersey USA. The NJ office alongside a fulfilment centre offers free delivery to all 50 states of the USA through the FedEx courier service.

Artisan Furniture is a UK brand and we offer Dropshipping, wholesale and Container service levels by offering solid wood furniture alongside hand décor accessories such as candles, vases, bathroom and kitchen accessories, and tables.

You need to be a business – irrespective of the size of the business – small or large – to deal with us. It’s advisable to sign up at www.artisanfurniture.us and click ‘sign up’ or ‘create an account‘. It’s recommended to upload a valid tax-exempt certificate to take advantage of the tax-free reselling process. Few states like Alaska etc are a tax-free state. However, the majority of the 50 states would require a reseller certificate also known as a tax-exempt certificate to ship a tax-free product to your state of operations.

Furniture Wholesalers Europe

We offer solid wood furniture alongside hand painted cabinets, media units, and bedsides to name a few. Artisan Furniture is a British brand that offers Dropshippingwholesale, and trade service.

Making minor adjustments to a conventional Artisan Furniture piece is the most basic form. For example, you could ask for a different style of handle, a different wood finish, or a new fabric to replace the old one. The design rights to this product will remain with Artisan Furniture in these cases, and you will be expected to accept delivery of the stock as soon as it arrives in the UK.

To work with us, you must be a business, regardless of its size – little or huge. Sign up for an account at www.artisanfurniture.net by clicking ‘sign up’ or ‘create an account.’

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