The return of Indian rosewood, or sheesham Furniture

Indian rosewood, or sheesham, is a unique timber that has many qualities that makes it an excellent choice for solid wood furniture. It’s a difficult for dropship and wholesale enterprises from India and other nearby countries to ship it to countries in the West due to logistical and legal reasons. However, some companies like Artisan Furniture have begun to re-ship it through the supply chain models of dropship and wholesale.

Sheesham or Rosewood is a solid wood that’s classified as a hardwood. It’s versatile and can be carved using traditional hand tools. Carved Sheesham is highly prized product that’s popular in homeware and office furniture sectors. This is because of the strength of the wood itself and its rugged nature. Indian rosewood lasts for decades if cared for and can be easily refreshed using a combination of varnish and light paint. This method of distressed paint and varnishing really makes sheesham shine as a timber and adds to the length of service.

Artisan furniture’s new sheesham range returns after hiatus of a few years. The sourcing of the wood is sustainable and done in an environmentally friendly manner that means that the sheesham forests remain in the community for a long time. The trees are key to these communities of artisans and their families because they’re so important to their lifestyles. The goal of these community based enterprises is to ensure that the sheesham trees survive coming decades in the face of climate changing and that the communities maintain the generational skills and techniques to have the knowledge needed to move themselves into the next decade.

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Sheesham as a timber that can be used to make a variety of furniture products ranging from solid wood sideboards and butterfly tables to small mantlepiece accessories and tripods. Even upholstered products like winged armchairs, cushioned stools and chesterfields benefit from the rugged and sturdy nature of sheesham wood. It can even be polished and varnished into a variety of different designs, from ashen to dark oak to natural honey. It’s important to note it’s versatility in both form and function to understand why it’s a popular wood across countries. Indeed, sheesham or Indian rosewood is pillar of communities across north western India and needs to be preserved to lower the carbon footprint of the region. One only needs to look at its colour, design sustainability to see why it is as popular with e-commerce and retail customers in both dropship and wholesale today. It’s simple to take stock of and can be packaged and shipped easily, factors which add to its usefulness in the furniture and homeware world.

The return of Indian rosewood, or sheesham Furniture

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