Wholesale Hotel Furniture Suppliers

Artisan Furniture is not only a multinational furniture dropshipper and wholesaler, but it also is a company that designs and produces bespoke hotel furniture. Whether it be for your usual e-commerce furniture dropship company or a brick and mortar retailer, Artisan Furniture is there for all your needs with its vast array of bedroom furniture, living room furniture and even kitchen furniture. This variety, all available to add in your shopping cart with a click, is what makes them particularly effective as hotel suppliers. 

Hotel suppliers are a part of the furniture dropshipping world that is growing and can help you grow your business as well. Hotels advertise their furniture decor at trade fairs such as hotel360 and the independent hotel show in London. There’s even the HRC coming up, and the HIX event. The worldwide events are even more popular to find dropship suppliers and wholesale suppliers from across the world, these include the hotel show Dubai and the HD Expo in Vegas.

Hotels usually look for online business and large furniture wholesalers to service their properties. Hotel supplies have a huge variety of furniture like dining chairs, coffee tables, beds and duvets, as well as accessories such as wall mirrors, chandeliers and floor and table lamps. There are even wooden accessories, aluminium wall decorations and marble countertop pieces to decorate the roooms.

It is important to note that different hotels might need different types of furniture which further widens the market for both large retailers and small brick and mortar institutions. Smaller boutique hotels may prefer wooden carved furniture, etched metal pieces or embroidered armchairs. Larger hotels and chain hotels are more likely to want modern furniture with no serpentine legs or antique carvings, preferring glass and metal furniture. 

All this can be shipped directly to the hotels’ doorstep from the dropshipper’s warehouse or stockist facility. A lot of dropshippers don’t offer free mainland deliveries but Artisan Furniture does. It’s important to see that bespoke products are made to order but for large institutions like hotels, sometimes products may be stocked to be shipped when needed. This is true for both wholesale and dropship companies.

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