LLB designs are instantly recognisable, evoking sensations of indulgence, opulence and luxury, whilst crucially maintaining a commitment to accessibility. Drawing from decades of experience Laurence’s collections embody the richness and decadence of history, whilst employing the latest technology to push the boundaries of design.

No two LLB designs are alike, and all are created to celebrate living spaces using its history and architecture to elevate and transform a room into a crystalline work of art.

The LLB brand has been built on an ethos of making opulent design accessible to all. Since Laurence’s explosive debut on the BBC’s Changing Rooms, his influence has been clearly seen across every home in the UK; most significantly the early 21st century zeitgeist that the wallpaper industry enjoyed was due to LLB spearheading this major cultural shift, championing the emotional importance of decorating personal spaces.

Once seen the LLB flourish is never forgotten. His style is warm, witty, highly educated and addictively elegant with roots in the aristocratic glamour of British Good Taste, whilst maintaining a fabulous ability to surprise, seduce and even to shock.

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COVID 19 – Phone support withdrawn.

Phone support has been temporarily disabled due to the fact that London office team is now operating from home with effect from 23rd March 2020.

Our Emails and Tickets system has been considerably strengthened to ensure the flow of information is maintained. We are now able to answer tickets from 5AM to 5PM – Monday to Saturday.

Accordingly, payment over telephone has been suspended as a safety precaution. We apologise for the inconvenience, and hope you’re staying safe and entertained in these difficult times.